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Aruba's Prestine Beaches

Boardwalk Small Hotel Aruba is located just steps away from Palm Beach. This renowned two-mile-long beach in Aruba is home to glamorous high-rise hotels and dotted by water sports concessions, piers, beach bars, restaurants and shops. Calm waters make this a comfortable haven for swimmers and snorkelers. The shore is very shallow and gradually gets deeper.

Palm Beach offers a grand variety in watersports activities to meet anyone’s taste. As all other Aruban Beaches, Palm Beach is a public beach, open for everyone to visit. The sand is sugary-white without any rocks, which makes it perfect for tanning and playing. Right across Palm Beach lies Aruba’s newest and one of its best shopping malls, Palm Beach Plaza Mall.

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As you walk along the shore of Palm Beach you will find yourself at one of the World's best beach bars (voted by CNN), Moomba Beach Club. Moomba is a popular beach bar and restaurant, featuring one of the Island’s largest beach tennis courts. Boardwalk hotel guests have free access to Moomba’s lounge chairs and receive a discount on the restaurants food offerings. Please make yourself known to the Moomba staff as a guest of Boardwalk Small Hotel Aruba.

Further north on Palm Beach you can visit the Fisherman’s Huts. This beach in Aruba is the Islands most popular kite surf hotspot. It’s mile long stretches of shallow waters make Fisherman’s Huts the ultimate place to learn windsurfing or kite surfing. As Boardwalk Small Hotel is situated right across from Fisherman’s Huts our facilities are referred to as the best located windsurfing and kite surf hotel in Aruba. Learn more about windsurfing and kite surfing here.

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When you make your way down to Arashi beach, north of Boardwalk Hotel, you will discover Malmok, which is a small beach, perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling and swimming. Malmok offers some beautiful reefs, sunken wrecks and corals, which you will find on the right hand side, past the swimming area. Here catamarans and sailboats anchor for a daytime snorkeling stop just off the shoreline.

When you continue your drive towards Arashi Beach, you can make a stop at Boca Catalina. This is a white sandy beach offering walk-in access to offshore coral heads teeming with reef fish. Check out the hidden steps descending into to water, which are carved out in the coral stone. You can find the steps by walking over the coral reef away from Boca Catalina’s small beach direction high-rise hotels (they build a small bench right in front of the steps). If you are looking for a private swim then Boca Catalina’s crystal clear water and beautiful shoreline are the perfect place for you. Moreover, Boca Catalina is the best spot for a great snorkeling experience! Please note, this beach tends to be busier during weekends. It can be a tricky beach to find, so feel free to ask for directions at our front desk. At this beach they rent beach loungers, at times. Make sure to bring your snorkel gear (complimentary – please ask for them at our front desk).

Arashi Beach is the name of the northernmost beach of Aruba, located close to the California Lighthouse. Beautiful Arashi Beach is not only our favorite; it is an all-time favorite beach amongst most locals. Arashi is located just a few minutes drive from Boardwalk Small Hotel, at the North end of the island. It is spotted with huts, offering shade to its visitors, and its crystal clear waters make it an ideal spot to snorkel and discover Aruba’s abundant underwater life. Make sure to take your snorkel gear (complimentary to Boardwalk guests) and head to the reef located on the left side of Arashi (facing the ocean). This beach is also a great place to mingle with the locals or have a nice pick nick. We recommend going here during daytime on weekdays because Arashi tends to get busier on weekends! Please note: there are no bars, restaurants, bathrooms or facilities (other than chair rentals) at this beach, so we do recommend you to take a cooler and some foldable chairs (complimentary for our guests) filled with drinks if you would like to spend more time here. 

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  • Boca Catalina Beach at Malmok in Aruba

The other most famous beach of Aruba is Eagle Beach. Eagle Beach is known as the one of the most breathtaking beaches on the island and it has consistently been voted amongst the top 10 best beaches in the world! With its sugary white sand and crystal clear turquoise water, it is truly a must visit for anyone vacationing on the island of Aruba! We recommend going in the early morning or around sunset for a long and rejuvenating beach walk. It might be one of the best spots to watch Aruba’s extraordinary sunsets. If you would like to spend a day on Eagle Beach, then opt for Boardwalk’s complimentary service of foldable beach chairs and a cooler to spend your beach day in comfort. Or rent a lounge chair at one of Eagle Beach hotels. Laid-back Matthew’s bar at time share hotel Casa del Mar offers resort-style lunches and dinners, gorgeous ocean views and refreshing cocktails.

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When exploring the southern tip on the Island you have to visit Baby Beach, Rodger's Beach and Coco Beach, which are three of our local gems. These beaches are extremely calm, being that they are located on the leeward side of the Island and protected by a huge outer reef. Baby Beach is a gorgeous half-moon sandy expanse in a calm lagoon. The waters are shallow making it a prime beach destination for families with children as the name “Baby Beach” already states. Swimmers can wade out for a long distance and still touch the sea bottom. Baby Beach is also a perfect location for snorkeling in Aruba. Where the bay opens out to the Caribbean Sea, snorkelers will behold a colorful kaleidoscope of coral and tropical fish.

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This side of the Island also has several beautiful and private beaches to offer on the northern coast. Boca Grandi, Dos Playa, Daimari and Andicuri are just a few name worthy beaches which can be found here. The northern side is the windward side, which makes for a rugged coast and wavy ocean. These beaches are perfect for body boarding and surfing, or anyone who prefers the thrill of swimming in rough waters.

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in Savanetta, half way between Palm Beach and Baby beach, you find Mangel Halto beach. Mangel Halto is a true treasure. It is a small island attached to Aruba by a little bridge. On the island, an intriguing network of mangroves grow on the shoreline, creating cute tiny and sandy beaches, which lead their way to the shallow waters rich in sea life. It is a stunning snorkeling spot and a truly local hangout. Mangel Halto is approximately a 30min ride from Palm Beach, where Boardwalk Small Hotel Aruba is situated. Next to Mangel Alto you will find one bar, which sells drinks. We highly recommend you to bring foldable beach chairs, a cooler and snorkel gear, all complementary available at our front desk.

Those beaches described as snorkeling destinations have rocks and reefs, which attract underwater life. The above beaches, which are not described specifically as good snorkeling spots, are pure sand bottoms without coral reef. The sand bottom beaches are perfect swimming and water sport destinations. We have folding beach chairs, beach towels, snorkeling gear and cool boxes available at our front desk for our guests to use throughout their stay; please take these and enjoy a different beach every day.

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