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Photography Aruba

Vacation pictures, wedding pictures, anniversary pictures... they are extremely valuable! Not only for yourself, to relive amazing moments, but also for you to share these moments with family and friends. Pictures tell stories, your story!

Several of our guests had the idea to get their pictures taken during their stay on Aruba! We think it is such a great idea and therefore would like to recommend it to our guests!

Aruba counts several amazing photographers. Most of them are specialised on weddings, however, they shoot all kinds of occasions. Every photographer has their own style. That is why we recommend you to check their portfolios and pictures before you decide which photographer fits your style best. For your convenience, we have compiled a sample photograph and a brief biography of each photographer.

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Storytelling Photographers Aruba

Crooze Photography Aruba

Cassandra & Marc offer fun and stress-free family photo sessions and are talented wedding photographers. They can capture the mood of your tropical vacation in Aruba or create storytelling images of your most important moments in life. 

Cassandra and Marc once said “Yes” to each other and ended up with three kids and a few dogs! Back when they got married, they did not hire a professional wedding photographer. After many years they realized that that was not a good decision. They don’t have a wedding album to share with our family and friends and most of all our kids. This is the reason why they are so passionate about wedding and family photography. They know how valuable photos are. Not only for our ourselves but especially for our loved ones. It is with this passion that they cover their weddings and create storytelling images of families, friends and vacationers. Because they wish you to have the best photos of your special day or vacation to share for ever and ever.

For portfolio and further information on their wedding services, please check their website and facebook page. 

For portfolio and further information on their family photography services, please click here.

Paul van Driel

Paul van Driel arrived on Aruba seven years ago as a result of a lucrative offer to open a professional photo lab for a successful one-hour operation that wished to expand its services. Hailing from the south of Holland, Paul was practically raised in the dark room. No longer a specialist, he is an all around photographer doing interiors, weddings, ad photography and an enormous number of other project. Website pending.