What We Strive For and Value

The core values described below are part of the daily practice of all who work at Boardwalk.

Positive Work Environment
Our work environment promotes a healthy work/life balance, open communication, and good work relationships in a family business setting. A positive attitude is key in creating a highly stimulating and rewarding atmosphere that benefits both the guest and the employee. There is zero tolerance for gossip, discrimination of any form, negative work ethics, or violence, either physical or verbal. We promote the practice of careful review over reacting instantly to a situation.

Privacy and Safety
We safeguard the privacy of our guests and protect the safety of both our guests and employees by maintaining a healthy work environment based on mutual respect. Our property is located on a tranquil and fully fenced terrain, providing security and safety for all who work and stay here. 

Personal and Authentic
A key value of Boardwalk is the creation of frequent touchpoints with our guests before, during, and after their stay to keep an open and personal relationship with them. We value our local roots and are passionate about Aruba in all that we do. Delivering outstanding service and warm, genuine hospitality is part of our DNA, as well as a main key in the success of our hotel concept.

Sustainable Business
We are a for-profit organization with strong business ethics, making active contributions towards Aruba’s community, social sector, and the hospitality industry. In doing business, we strive to contribute to the overall satisfaction and happiness of our guests, employees, and business partners. We give without expecting anything in return. We deliver a balanced value-for-money product, using high-quality materials and sustainable practices to create a manicured setting offered at the right price to the right audience. Our hotel is always well maintained and impeccably clean.

Constantly Improving
We are a growing family business, where a hands-on mentality and flexible mindset are expected of all staff members who work for Boardwalk. We are open to change and welcome any type of feedback, good or bad, as we always challenge the way things are done in an attempt to constantly improve our business operations.  We constantly research and embrace best practices and new technologies in the hospitality industry and creatively apply them to our hotel operations and processes to enhance the guest experience.

Culture of Discipline, Respect & Responsibility
We take a respectful approach towards all the people we serve, work with, and do business with. Everybody who works for and represents Boardwalk is responsible for managing their own health, personal life, and work life; using their own judgment of right and wrong; taking the correct initiative or appropriate steps in given situations; and leading by example.