Our Mission & Vision

The Hotel's Mission:
Boardwalk is a small, family-owned hotel located on a historic coconut plantation with a strong connection to our historic heritage and Aruban roots. We are Aruba experts and provide a "live like a local" experience in an authentic, Caribbean environment. We deliver an intimate, private, and relaxing vacation experience with a warm and genuine personal approach while consistently exceeding guest expectations with a high-quality product and service delivered with a creative approach. We deeply care about our employees, their development, and their work/life balance, and treat all our team members as part of our family. We safeguard the high quality of our work environment, and we operate as sustainably as possible, using local resources and practicing environmentally friendly solutions. At Boardwalk, we have a genuine interest in new technologies that bring innovation in hospitality and the way we do business.

Our Vision: 
Our vision is to be the preferred lodging in the Caribbean in the area of boutique-style hotels and hospitality; to be the preferred hotel for guests seeking an authentic island experience, high-quality products and service, and genuine care and attention before, during, and after their stay; and to be a preferred employer in Aruba for people seeking a family-business work environment that is committed to development, sustainable practices, and giving back to the community.