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Local Art at Boardwalk Small Hotel in Aruba

Three renowned local Aruban artists, Elisa Lejuez, Nigel Matthew & Fernando Vermeer, created unique pieces of art for each of Boardwalk's Casitas. Each Casita features different artwork, not one is identical! The artists drew their inspiration from the rich history of Boardwalk's location, namely, the coconut plantation. The artworks contribute to the island's rich heritage and showcase the local talents we are so proud to have on-island. Claudia Vasquez, Boardwalk's designer, led the art project and made sure the artwork seemlessly integrated with Boardwalk's overall design.


Fernando Vermeer (artist)

Local Art
“Boardwalk Hotel is a very high-end hotel offering a down to earth island-feel. It’s all about the feeling of being free to do as you please, walking barefoot and being away from the daily pressure of the fast life, commutes and working hours. Boardwalk gives you a feeling of a safe home. Love it! The art works that I created on commission for Boardwalk Small Hotel, called The Boardwalk Palm are based on old images of Aruba that I digitally manipulated and further enhanced. The art also represents hearing the sound of the wind for me! Sometimes it’s quiet and sometimes it gives me the urge to go surfing (when the wind blows at least 20 knots or more)."

About Fernando Vermeer

Fernando Vermeer (39) was born and raised in Aruba. He works at a family-run small business in downtown Oranjestad and is an artist on the side, specialized in digital art and photography. Vermeer studied at the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Arts Academy in the Netherlands and participated in various local art exhibition.

Elisa Lejuez (artist)

Local Art

“Kimberly and Stephanie approached me almost 3 years ago when they took over Boardwalk Small Hotel and renovated their lobby & reception area. The twins had seen other work I created and wanted me to come up with an artwork based on abstract horizons and circles, that would also have to include driftwood. I created a piece that is inspired by the sun and used warm colors, since Boardwalk is a tropical hotel close to the ocean and its breathtaking sunsets. For the most recent collection I was commissioned to create a few artworks based on the rich history of Boardwalk’s property land – a former coco plantation and important site for locals. Many youth camps, family parties and camping events were held here and the older generation of Arubans has very fond memories of this place. Therefore I used historic letters, layouts and old images of the plantation and used them as a basis for my artworks. The bright colors reflect the fun Caribbean flair of Boardwalk and their signature colorful casitas”.

About Elisa Lejuez

Elisa Lejuez (41) was born in the Netherlands from a Curacao mother and Dutch father. From an early age on she expressed her sensitive observations in numerous sketches and drawings. With this sensitiveness she developed a great instinct for colors and shapes.

In 1991 she started studying and her student days were colored by inspiration and a drive for success. Elisa graduated in 1996 at the University of Fine Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands and a year later she specialized in Arts at the Post University of Fine Arts in Arnhem. In 1998 Elisa obtained her Masters Degree in Arts.

Living and working on the island since 2000, Elisa Lejuez is an established artist in Aruba with her own art studio (open to visitors on request) and participates frequently in national and international art exhibitions in New York City, Curacao and Amsterdam.

More information can be found on her website: www.elisalejuez.com

Nigel Matthew (artist)

Local Art

" The Boardwalk paintings were inspired by memories of the former coconut plantation, Plantage Tromp as the Boardwalk premises were called back in the days. The artworks should contribute to the beauty and harmony of the Boardwalk casitas, which was an additional inspiration for the artworks’ theme and choice of color.

They consist of large spaces with a dominant monochromatic color inspired by the leaves of the coconut trees. Graphical images of coconuts are placed in the composition to maintain balance of color and shape. One artwork is inspired by an element from our local fauna, the iguana. And another artwork is inspired by the sky and the beach .A sprouting coconut and seagull became the eye catchers".

About Nigel Matthew

Nigel Matthew (68) was born and raised in Aruba. He studied Art & Art education at the Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague and Graphic Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Arts Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Nigel has been in the field of art education for many years as an art teacher as well as a principal. Being privileged as one of the first few professional art teachers on the island he was able to influence, motivate and stimulate a great interest and love for Art to many of his students.

He has participated in many group exhibitions in countries such as the Netherlands, Venezuela, Barbados, Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba.

Nigel is still employed as an art teacher at Colegio San Nicolas in Aruba and loving his job. He is married, has 3 children and 8 beautiful grandchildren.

Claudia Ruiz-Vasquez (designer)

“I knew this property for a long time as I was friends of the previous owners. To quote Michel Angelo who said "the stone tells me what I must sculpt", I believe in hearing from within what the property is saying. Boardwalk Small Hotel told me: genuine, tropical, Caribbean laid back luxury. I mean, luxury is peace, feeling home away from home.

When I was approached to do the overall design for the property, my inspiration and drive for Boardwalk was to show the tourist a real Aruba, meaning the barefoot and relaxed experience of the simple and authentic Aruba outdoor life, beach walks, sunsets and beautiful gardens.

The vegetation was for me extremely important. Therefore I enhanced it by using its natural textures with colors such as neutral shades derived from the old stonewalls and bright sharp colors of the flowers combined with whites and natural muted tones to bring balance. From the driftwood signage to the hammock to give you a sense of arrival; all is connected. The vision was to make Boardwalk stand out as a small boutique-style hotel full of dynamics, a timeless hidden jewel for the savvy traveler to enjoy.

The acquisition of authentic local art for Boardwalk’s casitas was a natural step to take: I believe as a designer it is my obligation to support and to provide platforms for artists to be showcased. Bringing local art and unique pieces to all casitas and working with my artist friends was absolutely fantastic.”