15 International Travel Bloggers discover Aruba

The weekend of September 29, 2014 Boardwalk closed its doors to host a group of 15 international bloggers from around the world to experience all good things the island has to offer. It is the first time ever for an entire hotel in Aruba to close its doors for the purpose of hosting bloggers only.

The group of 15 international bloggers from the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Chile, Canada, USA, Brazil and Colombia each received Boardwalk's ‘ target="_blank" title="Boardwalk Hotel Aruba Treasure Box">Treasure Box’ which includes a selection of the best hot spots and hidden gems in Aruba for them to enjoy and explore.

During the weekend the bloggers set out to discover the island and unveil its many treasures. A sneak peek of their discovering can be seen in this video!

Find out about their adventures and discoveries on social media by searching the following hashtags: #BWBW2014, #boardwalklife, #boardwalkhotelaruba and #discoveraruba