Birdwatching in Aruba

Aruba's Birdlife

Soothing, relaxing, connecting with nature…these are some of the attributes many find in the activity of birdwatching. It’s a growing hobby worldwide, and here in Aruba, with some 236 registered species of birds, locals and visitors to our island are captivated by birding opportunities. Aruba’s beaches, reefs, mangrove areas, marshes, rolling countryside, and lushly landscaped resorts are havens for bird species that take up permanent residence here, as well as those species just passing through for rest and refueling before journeying on to North or South America.

In 2010, Aruba Birdlife Conservation was officially established with the aim of protecting the island's biodiversity in general, and birds in and around Aruba in particular. The foundation is working towards official protection status for several areas of the island inhabited by birds, as well as areas frequented by birds for feeding and breeding. The foundation's website provides information on birdwatching and conservation on Aruba.

Aruba's Shoko

Aruba's beloved shoko (Athene cunicularia arubensis), a beautiful and rare burrowing owl species, has been declared a national symbol. The government added the bird as Aruba's fifth national symbol, along with our flag, coat of arms, national anthem, and the official Aruba logo. This burrowing owl is only found in Aruba, and those lucky enough to spot these cute creatures will likely see them during the early-morning and early-evening hours, bobbing, weaving, and winking at the doorsteps of their burrows dug in the ground.


Birdwatching at Boardwalk Hotel Aruba

On Aruba, there are four important bird areas totaling just 610 hectares, but between them, they support over 30,000 seabirds and a number of other significant bird populations. One of these important state-owned bird areas is directly adjecent to Boardwalk Hotel Aruba and offers great opportunities for birdspotting. Others, including Tierra del Sol Salina, Bubali Wetlands, and Oranjestad Reef Islands, are just a few minutes away by car. San Nicolas Bay Reef Islands is another bird area, but it's located on the other side of the island. More information on birdwatching on the island can be found here.