"It is a real privilige to work at Boardwalk Hotel here in Aruba. I started in 2012, not long after the sisters bought the place. I have worked with them through the renovations of the casitas and now its beautiful exspansion. I am very proud of how they started and what their vision is for the future.

From day one it felt like being part of a family. Together with maintenance and housekeeping you form a close team. We have learned and grown together. The girls has given me trust and confidence. Every employee really is a part of the foundation of Boardwalk.

What I like the most is the moment that I arrive at Boardwalk I immediately start smiling. When you are happy at your work you can pass that feeling on to your guests. Boardwalk is a beautiful, tropical and relax place, it is a privilige to welcome our guests in such a lovely "home away from home". Alice van Kempen, Front Desk Host & Concierge 


“I had the pleasure of joining the Boardwalk team 5 years ago as a Marketing Consultant, after Kimberly and Stephanie had just renovated the Boardwalk casitas and had given the property a new, fresh, Caribbean look. From the moment I sat down in casita 1 for my first formal introduction with the twins, I felt an immense click and couldn’t wait to start working with them, and to represent this gorgeous and highly photogenic property. So the first thing I organized for them was a full photo and video production, which till today, 5 years later, is still the visualization of our marketing strategy. We focus on the history of Boardwalk, a working coco plantation for over a century, and on our knowledge of and love for Aruba. We teach our guests how to grill fresh fish on their own bbq, make sure they can relax and lie back in their hammock or on their private patio to enjoy a true local experience, and provide insider tips on exploring the best that Aruba has to offer. This strategy has proven to be successful, and it really is the beating heart of Boardwalk, and makes my heart beat faster every time I get to represent this hotel. I am so proud of the accomplishments of this small, family-owned hotel and its hard-working, dedicated team members who work with passion and love for our guests and our island every day. I can’t wait for the next step, the expansion of Boardwalk into an even better, more complete boutique hotel. If you could ever fall in love with your work, this hotel in Aruba offers all the right ingredients. I did for sure.” - Karin Swiers, Owner of Media Minds Communication 

"Four years ago, I started working at Boardwalk as the Front Desk & Reservations Manager. I had no hotel experience, and the owners gave me the opportunity to learn all aspects of working in a hotel. What I really like about my job is that they give me the freedom to focus on tasks that I love doing. Also, every day is new, different, and fun. Because Boardwalk is a small hotel, you work with a smaller team, and therefore you know everybody you work with very well. They are your family away from home. At the front desk, it is very nice to talk with our enthusiastic guests, who really enjoy their stay with us. I personally really enjoy hosting our repeat guests, who you get to know so well after many years. I am very proud to be part of this small and dedicated team that makes Boardwalk the second best hotel in Aruba on TripAdvisor." - Katinka Drupsteen, Front Desk & Reservations Manager and Back of House Administrator 

"For the last 3 months, I have been interning at the Boardwalk Small Hotel in Aruba. This was my very first internship abroad, far away from home. Quite exciting, to say the least. Luckily, I was warmly welcomed and immediately became part of the team. Due to the fact that Boardwalk is a small family-owned hotel, there is a lot of contact with other colleagues and our guests, which I find very pleasant. Everyone has an open attitude, and colleagues listen very carefully to each other. I received a lot of responsibilities and was able to work on my own projects independently and freely. Deliverables are what count here. I will definitely come back to the island after the hotel is extended. The expansion is something that the entire team has been working on so intensively during my internship period, and I cannot wait to see the end result. During my time here, I have learned a lot, and I am definitely one step closer to my ideal vision of my future. My time on Aruba is something I will cherish forever." - Puck Brinkman, Intern