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Giving back to Aruba

Spending your time to support a charity you are passionate about is something no one will ever regret. It will enrich your local experience, familiarize you with the local community and impact your perspective positively! Helping the local community while being on vacation gives you to opportunity to better understand the country you’re in and appreciate it.

At Boardwalk, we stimulate our guests to support the local community. We highlight various initiatives to show our guests what they can do as a tourist to give back to the local community and support Aruba’s environment.

The main six initiatives mentioned to our guests to participate or help with are:

  1. Food bank; upon check-out from your casita with private kitchen, you can leave unopened food items in a donation box that will be taken to Aruba’s Food Bank for local distribution
  2. Adopt a Donkey; you are made aware of the Donkey Sanctuary and how you can help support the efforts of this sanctuary by adopting a donkey, or do volunteer work on site
  3. Bula protects; you will be informed of Bula’s efforts to keep the beaches and North Shore clean, and how you can contribute by purchasing merchandise with all proceeds going to environmental protection efforts
  4. Plastic Beach Party; you are notified that Plastic Beach Party offers a shop downtown where products made out of recycled plastic waste from our beaches can be purchased
  5. Arikok National Park; it is highly recommended to pay a visit to Arikok National Park, not only to indulge in Aruba’s natural beauty and diverse landscapes but also to contribute to nature conservation by paying the Arikok admission fee
  6. Luna Foundation; you are informed about the lives of Aruba’s street dogs and strays. Luna foundation is dedicated to change the lives of these dogs and you can help by doing volunteering work on site or donate.


Donkey scantuary Bula Luna Foundation Plastic Beach Party

In addition, Our staff at Boardwalk Boutique Hotel has always promoted island exploring, buying from local suppliers, dining at local restaurants, discovering hidden gems, while at the same time educating our guests how to protect Aruba’s ecosystem. We advise guests to stay off beaches and sand dunes, to not touch starfish, turtles and other sea life, or take shells from the beach.

Update Child Policy

As of June 2022;

- Now welcoming children of 12 years and up.

- Existing reservations with children under the age of 12 will be honored.