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Connecting with Colorful San Nicolas

Boardwalk’s local tips for a city visit

Most of our guests prefer visiting Aruba’s beaches, the natural park, some shopping in Palm Beach and Oranjestad and venture out at night to close by restaurants and bars. At Boardwalk we will do our utmost to share the best insider tips and local addresses to discover on your vacation in Aruba, based on your interests and wishes.

Giving back to Aruba

Spending your time to support a charity you are passionate about is something no one will ever regret. It will enrich your local experience, familiarize you with the local community and impact your perspective positively! Helping the local community while being on vacation gives you to opportunity to better understand the country you’re in and appreciate it.

At Boardwalk, we stimulate our guests to support the local community. We highlight various initiatives to show our guests what they can do as a tourist to give back to the local community and support Aruba’s environment.

Transforming into a Trupial: the making of our FPV drone video

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in drone flying yes, or no. When you are exposed to FPV (first-person view) drones and the drone racing related to it, you will be easily hooked to this latest craze in drone use. That’s at least what happened here at Boardwalk. If you’re not a reader yet a visual person, click below and get to see our video immediately:

Plan a Besties Escape to Aruba!

Are you reaching a point where you literally feel a craving for quality time with your best friend? Want to connect in a real way, as opposed to all the virtual meetings and video calling? Keep reading, we might have something you like, and need.

Creating work stations with amazing views

Making your vacation work

If 2020 taught us anything it is that we are flexible and creative when it comes to getting our work done, sometimes juggling homeschooling for kids at the same time and from the same (work)space. And working remotely became the new norm, both from home as well as your home away from home in warmer or quieter places.

The Making Of - Floating Breakfast in the Pool

It all started a couple of years ago. As we were planning the expansion for our current boutique hotel, we decided to create a private plunge pool at one of the standalone casitas and envisioned serving a floating breakfast in that private pool. Now wouldn’t that be great? We parked the idea yet cherished the dream.

Health & Safety, Entry Requirements, Cancellation Policy

- Extensive Health & Safety Protocols in place to secure a safe stay

- Flexible Cancellation Policy: free to cancel up to 15 days before arrival date

- Comprehensive Travel & Entry Requirements for Aruba